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November 12, 2021
Mid-Back Mobilization - Self-Release

Are you always getting that pain between your shoulder blades when you're sitting behind a computer or steering wheel?  Do you feel like you are always going to the chiropractor just for this one thing?  Well, if you are here are 3 simple ways to self-release that area safely at home on your own.  1. Foam […]

November 12, 2021
3 Stretches for TIGHT HIP FLEXORS

A feeling of tightness across the hips is often an indication of tight hip flexors. Hip flexors are the group of muscles on the top part of your thigh and waist. The iliopsoas, rectus femoris, TFL, and sartorius all can become tight as cause hip flexor pain. So what causes this? Anything from extended periods […]

November 8, 2021
3 Necessity Supplements for Flu and COVID Season

We are told 20 different things a day with regards to what is the best thing to help you get healthier. It's become more difficult with time to determine what is real and what isn't. Who do you believe?  We get it. That's why we have done a lot of sifting for you. Our hope […]

November 1, 2021
Benefits of Chiropractic Massage Therapy

Massage therapy remains one of the oldest methods used for healing a variety of ailments. A therapeutic massage involves kneading a person's soft tissue and muscles to relieve pain and improve overall well-being. Visiting a massage therapy near you is an excellent option for anyone dealing with lower back pain, soft tissue injuries, stress, or […]

October 28, 2021
Four main types of Headaches

Headaches plague about 17%, or one in six Americans every year. That’s 45 million Americans. Headaches suck! In this article we are going over the four major types of headaches, their symptoms, causes, duration, and treatment options. Tension Headaches are the most common type of headache. They are also the most common type we treat […]

October 28, 2021
Mental Fitness - The Forgotten One.

We all know how important exercise and healthy nutritional habits are to our overall health and longevity. If we are consistent with doing and practicing the little things in those areas we can expect a better outcome than when we aren't.  Unfortunately many people struggle practicing the little things consistently. We do them for a […]

October 26, 2021
3 Critical Sleep Posture Tips

Sleep posture is just as important as our daily posture. We spend a good 6-8 hours a day in that position. Today we will cover some information about mattresses, pillows, and alignment that should help you get a restful night sleep. Mattress: Ultimately, the best mattress for you is the one that gives you the […]

October 6, 2021
Can a Pediatric Chiropractor Help With Ear Infections in Kids?

About half of all kids will suffer at least one ear infection before turning two, making it one of the most common childhood illnesses. For many children, ear infections are a chronic problem. It may seem like as soon as one clears up, another starts. If frequent ear infections are causing you concern, a pediatric […]

October 1, 2021
Chiropractic Care for Stress and Anxiety

Occasional stress and worry are a normal part of living, but when they rise to high levels or persist for long periods, they can interfere with daily life and rob you of happiness. Read on to get the facts about stress and anxiety disorder and to find out why you may want to consider seeing […]

October 1, 2021
8 Things You NEED to Know When You are Involved in a Car Accident

Car accidents can be scary. They happen very quick and in most cases at the worst time. Beyond that is the physical injuries that you can sustain from them that not only affect you now but many years down the road if not properly dealt with. Knowing this we have consulted experts on how to […]

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