4 Tips to Fix Your Tinnitus

Brett McDonough
August 12, 2022

Tinnitus is a problem that affects nearly 50 million Americans each year. It’s common. It can also be something difficult to deal with. Just ask anyone who has it or has experienced short bouts of it.

It’s constant.

It’s annoying.

It creates anxiety and stress.

It’s a pain in the ass.


With all this being said, there are ways now to deal with it in more effective ways. Even if it doesn’t go away you can minimize the effects on your life. As a person who still deals with bilateral tinnitus I want to share with you 4 effective areas I have improved my issue with.

1.     Habituation – This is the process the body/brain goes through to “get used” to it. I have found that when I expose myself to a myriad of sounds that my brain is more engaged in those sounds than the ringing. It allows my brain to recognize the tinnitus just as a background noise and not the focus. I have done this with headphones and also noise focused on one side or the other.

2.     Nutrition – I have found that some things set it off more than others. Caffiene, alcohol, high sugar intake…these all cause my problem to amplify. I still use all of these but in a minimal way. I have also found that proper hydration helps a ton as does keeping my blood sugar levels stable and not getting too deprived.

3.     Tricks – I have found a back of tricks that work when things get rough. Things like chiropractic, tapping, gum, oils and a few others are my go to’s. Check out our Delta Health YouTube page for more demonstrations and information on these topics.

4.     Mental – This is a huge one. I’m talking about lowering stress levels. I’m talking about learning to meditate. I’m talking about re-defining the tinnitus problem you are experiencing. The more you come to terms with it, versus fight it, the better it will become. As you become less reactive to the sound, you will turn the volume down. Realize that there is no sound. It’s a perception by your brain. Your mental state dictates the volume control.

These are the key areas for me. They work for a lot of people but we all experience different forms of tinnitus so keep searching. It’s a fight sometimes but it’s worth it. It always gets better and in the long run the lessons you learn along the way will make you a better person. Guaranteed.

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