What's your Plan B?

Brett McDonough
July 13, 2021

Plan B is a Plan to Fail

  Here is a little story...I was talking with a buddy the other day about things we have done in the past and when there had been a Plan B. In other words we were working on Plan A but there was always that fall-back Plan B if it didn't work out. Guess what...Plan A never worked out. It was literally every time when we talked through some examples. So it got me thinking about the truth with Plan B. 

When there's a plan B you're actually not committed. That's a fact. You are partially committed. When it gets uncomfortable with A you will go to B. B is always more comfortable otherwise it would've been plan A. That's why you keep it on the side like a security blanket when crap hits the fan with plan A. It makes us feel secure. It also makes us suck. We suck and following through. We suck at fighting through adversity. We suck at finding the discipline to do the little things Plan A requires. We bail. We quit on what we really want. Think about it...

If you don't have a plan B with your marriage you will do the work to make it work. 
If you don't have a plan B with your business you will overcome the adversities that WILL show up. (And they will.)
If you don't have a plan B pill or shot for your health you will do what you need to do to make sure you don't get sick and die early. Plan A is to be healthy. Period. 
If you don't have a plan B with your job you will find a way to make it something you grow to love instead of always "looking for something better". 
If you don't have a plan B with your friend who is tough to love you will have the tough conversations to get on the same page and grow your relationship in a deeper way beyond the superficial crap. 

If you don't have a plan B you will do the work. Period. You burn the boats. You have to find a way to overcome and win. 

We live in a world of comfort seekers. If it hurts or makes us feel uncomfortable in any way we find an easier path. Easy is typically not where you are being called to be. Easy is the path of least resistance and that traveled by the herd. I'm not part of the herd and neither are you. Pick your path. Pick your plan A and burn the map for Plan B. Commit. It's a strong word but it will change your life. 

Dr. Brett

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