Ear Infections & Chiropractic Care

Lydia Weir
April 21, 2023

There are two main problems that cause and contribute to ear infections

  1. Poor ‘plumbing’ or drainage
  2. Weakened neuro-immune function

Physical trauma to the neck in utero, during birth, or from a fall early in life, creates a ‘kink in the hose’ coming from the ears, sinuses, and head. This kink creates a clog in the drainage system of the surrounding structures. This isn’t just the ears, nose, and throat region. It also includes the lymphatic system that drains the head and neck.

When the increased stress gets stuck on the nervous system, not only does it clog up the physical space in the ears and sinuses, but it also creates lack of movement, causing the fluid to become stuck. The longer the fluid is allowed to sit in the inner ear, the greater the chance for those viruses to set up shop and wreak havoc. 

Common colds, allergies, and sinus infections can all cause blockages in the ears, which increases the risk of recurring ear infections.

Tips on how to treat ear infections naturally

Pediatric Chiropractic Care

This should be your first line of defense when it comes to ear infections! Inflammation starts to build up and infection settles in due to the added stress on the nervous system in the upper neck that leads to a lack of drainage in the ears.

Pediatric specific chiropractors are trained to assess where that stress in the nervous system resides and properly treat the area. Kiddos struggle more often because they are going through massive developments as they continue to grow. Their eustachian tubes are also shorter and narrower than adults.  This can increase the risk of blockage and be a live petri dish in their ears! Gentle chiropractic adjustments can help reduce the pressure and improve movement to allow for proper drainage.

Garlic oil, colloidal silver, and a warm compress

These are all great natural options to help soothe your kiddo’s ears! However, they too, just as antibiotics and steroids, do not assess the root cause. Use in accordance with chiropractic care to help your child feel their best and reduce childhood ear infections.

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