Pediatric Chiropractic: When and Why?

Lydia Weir
April 5, 2023

Why should my infant be checked by a chiropractor? 

A baby can encounter their first misalignment, or subluxation, in utero, but more often than not it happens during the birthing process. Birth can be stressful for your newborn. Regardless if it was a vaginal birth or c-section, there is a lot of twisting and pulling on the baby’s spine, not to mention the most important part, their head and neck. That’s where their brain and brainstem (houses consciousness, heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, and sleeping) live!

Chiropractic looks at the body as a whole. This isn’t just fixated on a symptom. We focus on the child’s nervous system to help calm it down, rebalance it, and regulate it. Stress during pregnancy and birth trauma are the number one causes of neurological interference in children.

Neuro-muscular tension and misalignments can result in colic, digestive issues,  poor sleeping, difficulty with latch, immune issues, excessive grunting or arching, and so much more!

When should I bring them?

There isn’t a perfect answer for this. I have seen mamas and their new babes on the way home from the hospital less than 24 hours after the birth, I have seen them 2 weeks after the birth. I really leave this in your court because I want you to be as comfortable as possible. However, I suggest it being sooner rather than later. We want to make sure that the transition Earth side is as smooth as it can be and the baby can function at an optimal level.

Adjusting infants is different from adults. It is very gentle. No popping or twisting occurs. I have specialized training that allows me to competently assess your child and deliver the most safe care. The pressure used is the same as checking the ripeness of a tomato. To be honest, most babies sleep through their first adjustment!

Here are some indications that chiropractic care may be beneficial for your baby:

  • Birth trauma: fast or long labor/pushing time, vacuum/forceps delivery, bruising, misshapen head
  • Troubles feeding: not able to latch, painful latch, leaking and/or clicking with feeding, only feeding on one side, reflux
  • Elimination issues: constipation, bedwetting
  • Neck/back issues: favoring head to one side, arching of their back, colic, flattened head
  • Neurological issues: ADD, ADHD, sensory processing disorder
  • Illness: ear infections, respiratory infections, sinus congestion
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