Mental Fitness - The Forgotten One.

Brett McDonough
October 28, 2021

We all know how important exercise and healthy nutritional habits are to our overall health and longevity. If we are consistent with doing and practicing the little things in those areas we can expect a better outcome than when we aren't.  Unfortunately many people struggle practicing the little things consistently. We do them for a bit and fall off track. The key is we know what we are supposed to do but we fail to execute that plan. That shows we can control but lack the discipline. It's "fixable" is what I'm getting at. 

There is another area that gets missed and it's becoming more aware as being even more important to one's overall quality of life. It's the mental health side of things. The first issue is that lack of awareness around mental health in general with regards to the beginning stages of larger issues. We as a society wait until the problem becomes a crisis before we intervene and by that time we are left resorting to medications as a "fix" to the problem which ultimately never works out. We also don't have solid strategies in our country on how to improve mental health as a whole versus always looking at how we put the fire out once it's started. We lack any mental fitness in other words. 

It has been shown time and time again when an individual approaches their mental health with a proactive approach no different than going to the gym and eating health to stay "fit", they always do better in the long run. The key is to have a fundamental understanding of where mental health is comes from and a gameplan on how to implement specific things to optimize it. We like to call this your mental health routine. These routines consist of things such as quiet/meditation times, reading, writing, environmental stimulations, activity and community involvement. 

When a person takes this approach seriously and creates discipline around it they will reap the rewards over time. The key with any health routine is the awareness of where one is at currently and what needs to be done and secondly, a disciplined approach to execute on that plan. 

Stay tuned for more information on how to create a specific game-plan for yourself and your mental fitness. 

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