Kids and Chiropractic

Brett McDonough
December 12, 2021

Many people have either taken their kids to the chiropractor or know someone who has. There are also a ton of people who get that perplexed look on their face when you tell them your kids get adjusted. To some it just doesn't make sense. We get it. When you aren't real educated as to the WHY, it won't add up. That's fair and that's also why we're going to shed a little light on it and what we really do with a little person in the office. 

1. Parents take kids to the chiropractor for many different ailments from colic, sleep issues, ear infections, falls/traumas and other things such as bedwetting and ADD/ADHD just to name a few. The most common reason is simply for general, proper development for a growing child.  

2. We start with a quick 5-10min assessment to find out what is going on with the child by checking things like posture, balance, range of motion, restrictions and asking questions about daily activities that parents can shed some light on. From there we find out what we are truly dealing with. 

3. From there we perform some simple adjustments to their spine and associated joints. These are designed to create subtle movement to help the body move the way it's supposed to. From there the body and nervous system can recalibrate and find a higher level of health. When spinal movement is bad, neurology will be off and result in the body not working right. That's how the spine affects the health and well-being of a child and adult alike. 

4. Lastly, we give the parent and child some specific things they can work on at home with regards to posture, movement training and also lifestyle factors that directly impact the issue at hand. 

Between these simple in-office adjustments and at-home changes a child will almost always respond quickly in a positive manner. 
Some typical concerns and myths parents have that are:

1. That it's dangerous. - It's not. What we do with them is very gentle and safe. It is much safer statistically speaking than most other medical procedures children are exposed to. 

2. That you have to keep doing it. - Most children respond very quickly and require a minimal amount of visits. The amount of in-office work is also minimized by doing the work outside the office consistently. 

3. That it's strange and unusual. - Millions of children get adjusted weekly in the US. That number continues to climb each year as the word gets out. More and more parents are looking to the positive impact of chiropractic and the associated lifestyle to keep their families healthy. 

We encourage parents to get informed. Ask questions. Try a consultation. Find out how chiropractic can be your secret weapon for keeping your kids healthy and drug-free. 

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