Herd Mentality

Brett McDonough
January 10, 2022

You see it all the time. Animals who work and behave as a herd. They ultimately are even thinking as a herd. It's something that's wired into their DNA as a survival mechanism. It allows the less advanced to thrive even when they may not know enough or be strong enough on their own. They follow the few leaders in hopes of food, safety and ultimately, survival. We get a chuckle out of watching a herd of cattle all walking together or a flock of geese all moving as one. We sometimes think it seems weird that that whole group would follow just one. Guess what...

We as humans are no different. We are herd animals. Our families, our communities, our tribes - we all tend to follow the leader of thought and behavior. We do it for the same reason. We feel that by following this person or group in some cases they will lead us to what we "want". We do it with daily activities from what we eat, how and why we move to the neighborhoods we live in and the cars we choose to buy. If one does it we all do it. We do things like those around us. The last couple years you have seen it come to the surface more reflected in our moral battles around politics, education, health and other hot-button issues. We do what those around us do. Just look around you. Where you live affects these beliefs. Who you spend your days with does.

Here's my point to all of this...We have started to STOP thinking on our own as a society. We have lost the discipline to stick to what we believe is right and moral to US...what ALIGNS with our guts. We have jumped on bandwagons and accepted what others say or do as the "path". They aren't you. They don't have the same history or the same vision for their future. They may also not have the same priorities even though it may look like it on the outside. They, whether an individual or a group, have picked a path and we are following it. Many times blindly only led by emotions and our animal instinct.

I ask you to start thinking critically again. Define your values for yourself and your family. Do it in a way that is true to you. Only then can you make decisions that are aligned with where you are going and what is consistent with your values. When we don't make aligned choices it begins to eat at our soul. It kills our confidence, our self-worth, our joy and our peace. Sound familiar?  Define your path and what matters to you. The herd does not always lead you to the "promise land". It will feel comfortable being part of it, but that herd may just be moving towards the edge of the cliff. Emotions are blinding. That deep animal instinct to follow is addicting. They can hold you hostage from what is real.

Don't think so? Just watch social media. Watch the news. Watch the people around you. How are they influencing the others...even you?

Stay aware my friends. Define your path. Follow it with conviction. You know what is right.

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