Fixing a Frozen Shoulder Fast

Brett McDonough
November 29, 2021

If you or anyone you know has had a case of frozen shoulder you understand how uncomfortable it can be. You also know how stubborn it can be. With that being said, there are proven methods to help speed up the recovery process and make sure the problem is gone for good. Through the years here is a short list of the most effective means to treat frozen shoulder.

1. Joint Mobilization - Getting specific joint mobility done to the shoulder itself is critical in freeing up the shoulder to begin the healing process. This mobilization is best done by a chiropractor who specializes in joints like the shoulder.

2. Ice - Getting a shoulder-shaped ice-pack online is a great way to do this effectively. Using ice 3-4 times a day during the high inflammatory stage is effective at minimizing symptoms quickly.

3. Pulley - Getting and using an over-the-door pulley is a great way to work a full ROM at home on your own in-between doctors appointments. It's a simple, inexpensive approach that makes a huge difference when done a couple times a day. Check out our YouTube video to see this being used.

4. Stabilization - Purchase some light resistance bands to use to work on strengthening the EXTERNAL rotators of the shoulder joint. A person should focus on getting 20-25 reps of good form with each of these. 

5. Molding - The last exercise is more passive and it involves laying over the top of a foam roller laid vertically along the spine. When in this position the patient can lay with their head extending back and shoulders externally rotated and allow gravity to do the work to open the chest and shoulders up. This should be done for 2-3 minutes per cycle. 

These are simple but effective ways to improve frozen shoulder issues. Like anything, the sooner you recognize the problem and being to improve it, the more likely a full recovery. 

Check out this link for a video version of this article:

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