Do you have a TRIBE?

Brett McDonough
July 13, 2021

I read a book about "Tribes" recently. It spoke about the power of a tribe being the effect of the group and not the sum of the individuals. It gave examples over the course of history from Native Americans to our military. It related it to power seen in battles won, individual growth and level of fulfillment of the group members. It referred to a lot of stories that occurred centuries ago but the more I have thought on it there are so many examples in our current society. Many of which we are missing the mark resulting in a lower quality of life. Here are some thoughts on tribes...

A tribe creates a unique environment for its members. One that cannot be replicated without the cohesiveness of the group. It's been proven over and over again. Ultimately, the tribe creates a level of forced accountability that cannot be created by an individual for themselves at the same high level. The tribe sets the standard. They create an unspoken "demand" of how they expect their members to show up. How they act. How they speak. What they believe. The values they hold tight to. The honor to something greater than them that they live with. These are areas that a tribe quietly yet forcefully creates in the individuals that make it up. When the individual lacks the necessary discipline the tribe fills the hole. As time goes on and that "culture" infiltrates the young or new individual they begin to live and show up this way themselves consistently. It becomes WHO they are through the discipline of the tribe. This is how a tribe continues its existence and advances itself over time. This is also what serves the individual at the same time. The tribe honors their code and through that it builds the individual. It's the culture they create, the code they live by and the unspoken iron-clad commitment that every member agrees to with each other. This grows the certainty and confidence of the individual members. It's a borrowed confidence that becomes one they own. That's what we are missing in our society right now. We live in a world of individuals looking for ways to distance themselves from people. The tribe is always stronger than the person.

The tribe components are very simple. First, tribes have defined, shared values and goals. The goals must be that which serve the group before the individual. Second, those values and goals must be in the forefront of every day life within the communication and decisions that are made. Lastly, the tribe must honor the code of values they have created by holding the members accountable to live by them. Not some of the time but all of the time. This accountability is what makes the group AND the individuals better. Define. Commit. Honor. People will grow within this environment. That's the power of the tribe. 

Dr. Brett

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