Brett McDonough
November 16, 2021

We live in a crazy busy world right now. There is always something going on around us. If not around us, the chaos is even in our head. It never stops. Silence is hard to find no matter who you are and what your life is like. With that being said, many have given up on even trying to find it. This one simple thing alone has created a massive amount of extra, un-needed stress in people's lives. 

When was the last time you found silence? No music. No tv. No phone. No podcasts. No kids. No friends. No spouse. When?  My guess is that it's been a decently long time unless you have intentionally made this a practice in your life. This is something that I was "reintroduced" to about 3 years ago. I was led into taking an hour each morning just for quiet time. Time to pray, read, journal and think. It's time that I don't work. I'm not on my phone. I'm not listening to anything. It's just me and the little voice in my head. With time the little voice has become quieter and quieter with practice. Yes I said practice. It takes time and repetition to teach that voice to quiet itself as well. It won't talk all the time if you choose to not listen to it all the time. The key is being intentional with this practice. Decide to do it. Do it. Be discipline to do it daily. 

I have found from this time I spend each morning (even on the weekends), that I start my day much more balanced and positive. I've had time to process life, connect with God and feed my mind with the good and not the bad. It has given me a chance to reset and ready my mind for the day. It's my mental exercise to keep my mind and soul fit. It's not different than the physical exercise you get daily (hopefully!).

I challenge you to start with 15 minutes a day. Just sit there. Put the phone away, close your eyes, breath deeply and just let your mind be silent. It will be hard. It will be frustrating. It's worth it. It will get easier. You will find the benefit with consistent practice. I still get frustrated often when the voice doesn't shut it's mouth. There is no right or wrong way to be silent. You choose how your silence looks. The key is to just commit to doing it. Daily.

Pray. Read. Journal. Think. 

If you take the time and effort to quiet the world around you, you will more readily find what it is that your soul is truly looking for.  That's when the stress will fall away. It's not that the things and situations in life change, but rather, the things you focus on do. It's a perspective thing. First, you must find the silence. 


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