How a 15 minute workout equals 60 minutes

Brett McDonough
October 21, 2019

When you think of exercising what is your first thought?  Or should I say excuse??  Is it not enough energy?  You don’t know what to do?  Or you don’t have enough time?  My guess is that the last is more than likely the top response I would get from people. I know this because I ask it to hundreds of people each and every week at the clinic. Same answer. Same ultimate outcome.  So many people mess up their body by not doing this one simple thing…exercise.


Focused exercise for your body is just as important as eating good fuel. You need this movement for so many reasons. Most of which you find out once you start doing it consistently. From here I want to go into this excuse of “not enough time”. First of all, I get it. We are all busy. Too many things with too little time. But here’s the ultimate truth. If it’s important you WILL find time. Guaranteed. If you want to watch the entire season of the Bachelor you will figure it out. I know how it works.


So here is where we are really going with this. If you are one of those people that thinks you need to do 60-90 minutes to make it worthwhile I am talking to you.  Here’s the deal. 60 minutes isn’t getting you something that 20 minutes of focused time isn’t. Science is even proving this. The key is consistency. Getting 5-7 days a week of 20min is far superior to 3-4 of 60. And it’s even more effective than not getting off your rump and excuse at all. I hope that makes sense how I explained that. Your body, especially your health, responds to consistency not duration.


The bottom line is this…everyone has 20 minutes a day to do something at home. EVERYONE. You don’t even need a gym. I know this because it’s the exact thing I do. I have other things in my life too. Exercise is a necessity for me. It is for you too. Give up that excuse with this knowledge. Time is not the key. Consistency and making a habit is.


Get after it.


Dr. Brett

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