Located in Polk County, Iowa, Saylor is an unincorporated community. It is located on the main road to the Iowa River. The community was established in the mid-19th century and remained a rural town for many years. The town was named for a pioneer settler, John B Saylor.

Several notable people have lived in the town and have left their mark on the town.. The town is also the site of a major battle during the American Civil War. In fact, a memorial has been dedicated to the memory of these soldiers and a monument to them is located on the main road in the town.

One notable person from Saylor, Iowa includes a number of former governors and politicians. Some of these include J. W. Brown, W. H. Brown, and W. L. Wheatley. Some of these famous people are also the fathers of other famous people, for instance J. W. Brown's sons include J. W. Brown, W. E. Forbes, and W. F. Attwood.

Another notable person from Saylor, Iowa is the director of the National Savings Banks and Trust Cos. This is an organization that helps local communities with their budgets by taking deposits and managing them in trust. In fact, many banks in the country have a branch in Saylor. Several of them include National State Savings Banks, National State Trust Banks, and National State Savings Banks and Trust Cos. These organizations have the ability to help individuals make a deposit in their local bank, and they can also help local businesses get started.

A number of other notable people from Saylor, Iowa have been involved in the financial industry. These include Henry Faster Jr., R. A. Franzen, R. R. Brubacher, R. E. Kell, R. E. Milligan, R. E. McNeill Jr., R. E. Diemer, R. E. Milligan, R. A. Franzen, R. E. Kell, R. A. Franzen, R. A. Franzen, R. O. Stoddard, R. E. Milligan, R. O. Stoddard, and R. A. Franzen.

Many notable people have been involved with the State Savings Banks of America, which is an organization that works to help citizens in the community with their finances. Several people have been involved with the organization in one way or another, including D. E. Peace, F. O. Kershner, F. A. Bodeker, F. A. Bodeker, and F. A. Bodeker.

The State Savings Bank of America has a branch in Saylor, Iowa, and a few other branches around the country. The branch in Saylor, Iowa was established in the mid-19th century and is still operating. In addition to its branch in Saylor, the organization has branches in Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, and Tennessee. There are many more branches in the United States, and the organization is a good place to start if you are looking for an investment in your local community.

The state savings bank is a very important institution, and many people have worked to help make it a success. One of the notable people from Saylor, Iowa is a former director of the state savings bank, and he was also a banker. This is the best way to tell if a banker is well-versed in the financial world. If he has a bank branch in Saylor, Iowa, then he is a well-trained banker and he has a good understanding of the financial world.

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